Why training to teach meditation and mindfulness could be the best choice you ever make

There comes a point in your learning journey when the best way to continue is to teach others. That happened for me a decade ago. In travelling back from Cornwall, after an Ayurvedic event I put [...]

The ultimate ayurveda plus package, from two of my favourite people

Others have said something similar, and now it’s time to say it myself: If you’re looking for deep dive Ayurveda expertise, tailored to the person you’ve been and the one you’re becoming… If you [...]

Safe and sound go together better than you knew

We all know there are times when some sounds grate. That there are certain pieces of music that will soothe at a point when nothing else will do that. And how silence on the outside can make it [...]

The ocean is a magical solution

Stella Grant – a past student, a kindred spirit – offers a unique integration of Ayurveda and surfing, something she came to via overcoming her own troubled relationship with the sea [...]

It began in India…

A yoga practitioner for 16 years and teacher for 11, Ayurveda has been integrated into Virginia Compton’s – one of our Senior Yoga Teachers – life since 2012. I asked what that [...]

Polish your intent like a gem

Some people link their goals to images, and put them on a vision board. That was part of the inspiration for Veroniek Vermeulen when, drawing on experience as an engineer, she crystallised the [...]

10 Ayurveda Beauty Tips

 Tri-Dosha founder Sunita Passi shares her top ten ayurveda beauty tips.  1. Using the goodness that nature intended When it comes to looking after your skin, there are many options available in [...]

Heaven is a place on Earth

Living and working in Japan for a decade taught Jenya Emets a lot about the culture’s methods for supporting people to deal with stress in its various forms. “I became deeply fascinated with [...]

The benefits of using natural products for the skin

I’ve seen a lot of skincare routines online, however, we need to know that skin care is not just about looking good—it’s also about feeling good. I’ve learned from Huffpost that a regular [...]

Keep the Faith

“For decades I have been finding ways to turn towards all the things that our culture encourages us to suppress and escape from. The core of this is Full Body Listening in all kinds of diverse [...]