Therapist Mentorship Programme for Self-Development and Practice Growth

Unlock Your Potential

“I truly believe in the power of authenticity. Remember, there is only one you, and embracing your true self is a remarkable gift to share with the world.” – Sunita Passi

Are you a dedicated therapist seeking to unlock your potential and take your practice to new heights? Join our exclusive Holistic Wellness Therapist mentorship programme, designed to empower you on a transformative journey of self-development while providing the tools and guidance to expand your practice.

Led by Tri-Dosha founder, Sunita Passi, with her extensive experience since 2005 in running courses, developing products, and managing a thriving clinic and wellness centre, this mentorship programme is a unique opportunity to tap into her wealth of knowledge and expertise.


This course gives you:

Throughout this programme, you will embark on a personal and professional growth adventure, discovering new dimensions of your therapeutic abilities and nurturing your own well-being. Unlike traditional mentorship programmes, this programme is tailored specifically for Holistic Wellness Therapists, focusing on meditations that benefit your own self-development and provide you with the necessary tools to build a thriving practice – and journaling – encouraging critical thinking and system building.

Over the course of the programme, you will have regular one-on-one sessions with Sunita Passi, who will serve as your mentor and guide. Her teaching and coaching methodology will empower you to unlock your potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve your deepest intentions. With Sunita’s support, you will develop a clear roadmap for your practice growth and learn effective strategies to attract and retain clients.

The programme is structured into 12 comprehensive modules, carefully designed to cover various aspects of self-development and practice building.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your potential and build a thriving practice. Take the next step on your transformative journey by joining our Holistic Wellness Therapist mentorship programme.


Holistic Wellness Therapist Mentorship with Sunita Passi: Unlocking Your Potential

Embark on a transformative journey of growth and success with the Holistic Wellness Therapist Mentorship, led by Sunita Passi. This personalized 1-2-1 mentoring experience with Sunita will empower you to enhance your skills, build a thriving holistic therapy business, and create a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

What the mentorship includes:

    1. Focused 1-2-1 sessions via zoom: experience personalized mentoring sessions with Sunita Passi, tailored specifically to your needs and goals. These sessions will provide valuable guidance, support, and insights to help you navigate your journey as a Holistic Wellness Therapist.
    2. Monthly group sessions via facebook: connect with a community of like-minded professionals in monthly group sessions. These sessions offer an opportunity to share experiences, exchange knowledge, and learn from fellow therapists working with Sunita Passi.
    3. In-depth workbooks: gain access to five comprehensive workbooks that will guide you through various aspects of your journey. Topics covered include “Embrace Your Path” “Unleash Your Business” “Wealth & Prosperity” “Harmony in Life & Work” “Illuminate Your Vision.” These workbooks will provide valuable exercises, reflections, and practical tools to support your personal and professional growth.
    4. Ongoing email support: benefit from continuous support throughout the 12-module mentorship program. Communicate with Sunita Passi through email to receive guidance, ask questions, and gain clarity as you progress on your journey.
    5. Welcome pack: receive a welcome pack filled with goodies from Sunita Passi, delivered straight to your doorstep. These thoughtful items will enhance your overall experience and provide a tangible reminder of your commitment to growth.
    6. Guided meditations: incorporate regular meditations into your routine, including visualization exercises to help you step into your new life, as well as breathwork. These balancing practices will deepen your connection to yourself and support your personal transformation.
    7. Clarity on your vision as a Holistic Wellness Therapist: gain a clear understanding of your vision as a holistic wellness practitioner. Sunita Passi will help you uncover your unique strengths and passions, allowing you to align your offerings with your authentic self.
    8. Offering development: receive guidance on developing your offerings, including bodywork, facials, 1-2-1 guided meditation sessions, workshops, retreats, and courses. Sunita Passi will support you in creating a diverse and impactful portfolio of services to serve your clients.
    9. Expand your tribe: learn strategies to expand your network and connect with your ideal clients. Discover effective ways to market yourself and build meaningful relationships within the wellness community.
    10. Addressing self-worth and self-trust: Work through any limiting beliefs around self-worth and self-trust that may hinder your success as a Holistic Wellness Therapist. Sunita Passi will provide insights and tools to cultivate a strong foundation of confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities.
    11. Practical business tools: acquire essential business tools to manage your therapy business effectively. Topics covered include accounts, marketing, social media, administration, and time management. These practical skills will enable you to run your business smoothly and professionally.
    12. Resources for business and personal development: explore a wide range of resources curated to support your business and personal development as a Holistic Wellness Therapist. These resources will provide further knowledge and insights to enhance your journey.
    13. Recommended reading list: access a carefully selected reading list that supports your professional practice.


  • “I have very much enjoyed the course facilitated by Sunita Passi founder of Tri-Dosha. Sunita is very knowledgeable and her style of teaching appeals to me. Throughout the sessions, she has been considerate, explained everything very well, she was warm and approachable with loads of positive energy. Simply inspirational!”

    Beata Zygmunt
  • “I have just completed Tri-Dosha’s course. It was incredible! I am a yoga teacher trainer and have been interested in Ayurveda for years, But Sunita brought it all more to life for me. She has inspired me to take my study further. I can see already how I can incorporate Ayurvedic massage and tools into my massage therapy. I absolutely love the bringing together of the energetical and physical body systems. I can see how I can help my clients with the new skills learnt. I am excited and passionate to share what I have learnt with others. Sunita teaches in an inspiring inclusive way, full of deep knowledge, wisdom, and care. I highly recommend this course!”

    Gemma Williams
  • "Sunita’s considerate nature and exceptional ability to explain concepts with clarity made every session incredibly valuable. She exudes a warmth and approachability, creating a comfortable environment for all participants. Her abundant positive energy is simply infectious and has been a constant source in inspiration throughout the course.”

    Linda Ray
  • “I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an exceptional teacher and highly recommend Sunita Passi and Tri-Dosha’s courses to anyone seeking an enlightening and transformative educational journey. It has been an incredible experience that I will cherish and utilize in my future practice.”

    Sarah Clarke
  • “I cannot express how much I have thoroughly enjoyed the course led by Sunita Passi, the brilliant founder of Tri-Dosha. Sunita’s immense knowledge and expertise in this field are truly impressive. Her teaching style resonated with me, making the learning experience engaging and enriching.”

    Wendy Williams


12-module mentorship programme: £1800 + VAT = £2160.00

Included in the fee:

  • Focused 1-2-1 sessions via zoom
  • Monthly group sessions via facebook
  • In-depth workbooks
  • Ongoing email support
  • Welcome pack
  • Guided meditations
  • Clarity on your vision as a Holistic Wellness Therapist
  • Offering development
  • Expand your tribe
  • Addressing self-worth and self-trust
  • Practical business tools
  • Resources for business and personal development
  • Recommended reading list

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your potential and build a thriving practice. Take the next step on your transformative journey by joining our Holistic Wellness Therapist mentorship programme.