About Kapha

Sanskirt translation: What sticks
Elements: Earth (Tamas) and Water (Sattva and Tamas)
Body characteristics: Usually short but can be tall and large. Slow metabolism with a tendency to weight gain. Large eyes, melodious voice
Personality: Slow speaking, slow moving. Gentle, caring and dedicated
Physical challenges: Sensitive to environmental cold, dampness and stagnant air. Prone to mucous conditions of the lungs and sinuses and water retention
Emotional challenges: Lethargy, depression and over attachment
Balanced by: Warmth, dryness, light and increased activity
Gifts: Capable of unconditional love, nurturing and devotion, they make excellent carers

Kapha daily routine
• Wake up early in the morning before sun-rise
• Drink a cup of warm ginger tea
• Exercise: 10-15 min yoga, vigorous styles such as sun salutation done rapidly to improve circulation
• Breathing technique: Bellows breath removing congestion 5-10 min
• Meditation or silence: Sit and meditate on NOW. 5-15 min
• When showering, add in body brushing
• Tongue scraping
• Self massage: apply warm energising oil to the head and body