About Vata

Sanskirt translation: What moves
Elements: Ether (sattva) and air (rajas)
Body characteristics: Thin frame, low body weight, speech fast and small eyes
Personality: Fast speaking, fast moving and creative individuals
Physical challenges: Sensitive to environmental wind, cold and dryness, weakness in nervous and circulatory systems
Emotional challenges: Can easily become overwhelmed, nervousness and anxiety, difficulty in staying focused
Balanced by: conditions of warmth, moisture, nurturing, and support
Gifts: Inspiring, creative and enthusiastic individuals. Make excellent artists and healers

Vata daily routine

• Wake up early
• Drink a glass of room temperature water with fresh lemon
• Exercise: grounding yoga techniques 10-15 min
• Breathing technique: that activates body channels 5-10 min
• Meditation or silence: support the spine against a chair or wall 5-15 min
• Tongue scraping
• Self massage: apply warm relaxing oil to the head and body