About Us


In today’s fast-paced world, Tri-Dosha is the answer for people seeking authentic and ethical wellness experiences. We call ourselves a ‘consciousness based business’, championing the therapeutic benefits of Ayurveda – a centuries-old wellbeing philosophy – in an accessible way that people nationwide have grown to love.

This thinking encourages us to take care of our body, mind and soul – a complete system that works with our modern lifestyles and the planet. To spread the word, we have teamed up with and trained expert holistic therapists all over the country, with whom our concept fully flourishes. This includes our new and unique Happy Hour sequence to take guided meditation and mindfulness into the world.


Accordingly, all of our products – from sumptuous facial moisturisers to purifying shampoos – are sourced with care through a green supply chain, and made in the Tri-Dosha studio in Nottingham. Likewise, our therapists are trained with key skills and support; you will find more than 800 students are trained in the Tri-Dosha way, administering our treatments, concepts and services at wellness salons, destinations and luxury spas across the UK and Europe.


Not just about skincare, Ayurvedic wellbeing has helped people learn to relax, focus better at work and overcome bereavement. And this is at the heart of Tri-Dosha. What’s more, there’s no incense in sight; our vision is wholly modern.

That’s why we think Tri-Dosha’s so unique. We serve a growing audience of health-conscious consumers who want more than just a quick facial to help power down. Our job is to enable even the busiest people to find inner peace and to lead more deep and meaningful lives.

Our Heritage


Everyone dreams of a better future for themselves and the planet. Sunita Passi is in tune with that belief, creating Tri-Dosha as a brand to bring modern Ayurveda to a growing population of health-conscious people.

Since witnessing her grandfather, Ayurvedic Doctor Hazari Lal Passi, treat his patients from his clinic in Northern India as a child, Passi’s passion for the Ayurvedic health system runs deep. These memories have influenced her to this day, shaping her unique and powerfully grounding techniques that help in every aspect of our lives – from stress relief to sleeping more soundly and feeling stronger.


And it’s a winning formula that has grown in popularity; her philosophy isn’t about ‘gurus’ or incense. Tri-Dosha is a wholly modern method of wellness, massage and mindfulness.

Formed in 2005, Tri-Dosha are a training and education resource for massage and mindfulness practitioners, as well as an award-winning health and beauty manufacturer. This includes retail formulas and oils to complement spa therapies, combining medicinal herbs sourced from independent farmers Passi’s grandfather worked with all those years ago.


Fast forward to today and Passi has trained more than 800 therapists in Ayurvedic healing techniques who take the Tri-Dosha message across the world.

A meditation devotee, Sunita also co-founded the Nottingham-based meditation project Unplugged Space – www.unpluggedspace.org – which delivers mass meditation events to cultivate more love, joy and peace within our communities.

Our Digital Team

Meet the creative masterminds behind the brand…


Gigi Manlavi

Digital Marketing Manager


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Senior Designer


Adrian Reynolds

Content Editor


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Alana Claire Sheils

Tri-Dosha Ambassador

Our Leaders

Spearheading the Tri-Dosha message


Sunita Passi

Interviewing the heads of Government, Business and Finance across continents and borders is an unlikely first job for a pioneer of the wellness industry. Our Managing Director Sunita Passi left the “challenging” journalistic industry in 2004. By founding Tri-Dosha, her aim was to simplify yet innovate the world of Ayurvedic holistic health to make it more accessible. Starting with teaching Ayurvedic massage therapy courses in rickety and ramshackle training venues around the UK, Sunita has taken the Tri-Dosha brand of Ayurvedic holistic treatment, mindfulness practices and premium natural products to the world.

Truly driven by the health of our planet and its people, Sunita is a co-founder of the movement Unplugged Space which delivers mass meditation events to cultivate more love, joy and peace within our communities

Sunita is also an inspirational Wellness Speaker spreading the message of a holistic natural approach to life, and freelance Radio Host at the BBC in Nottingham.

Giving Back


We care about good health and make every reasonable effort to help raise awareness of the standard of living of India’s people and the improvement of public health as among its primary duties.

According to a 2005 report, 60% of India’s children below the age of three are malnourished. Rural India contains over 68% of India’s total population, and half of all residents of rural areas live below the poverty line, struggling for better and easier access to health care and services.

Every year, we donate a percentage of profits to the Tri-Dosha fund which helps support projects that provide essential medical services to those who are not as fortunate as we might be.

A Fact

The future of health is in your hands