About Pitta

Sanskirt translation: What cooks
Elements: Fire (Sattva and Rajas) and Water (Sattva and Tamas)
Body characteristics: Good musculature, medium body frame and good metabolism. Speech sometimes cutting piercing eyes.
Personality: Determined, intelligent and motivated.
Physical challenges: Sensitive to environmental heat and light. Prone to inflammation and weakness of the liver.
Emotional challenges: Anger, resentment and jealousy. Can be very cynical.
Balanced by: Conditions of coolness and calm.
Gifts: Perceptive and dynamic, they make excellent teachers and leaders.

Pitta daily routine
• Wake up early
• Drink a glass of lukewarm apple tea in the morning
• Exercise: 10-15 min abdomen stretching yoga techniques
• Breathing technique: Sitali (cooling) 5-10 min
• Meditation or silence: Guided (mantra or sound) 5-15 min
• Tongue scraping
• Self massage: apply soothing oil to the head and body