Join our growing network today. Opportunity great for anyone with  a passion for natural beauty and wellness.

Tri-Dosha Holistic Consultant play a significant role in sharing and distributing Tri-Dosha products. While they are professionals and experts, we believe everyone can contribute to spreading awareness of our Ayurvedic methods worldwide. Whether you’re a therapist, an enthusiast, or simply passionate about natural skincare, you can become a vital part of our brand.

Interested? Whether you already run your own treatment services business or are new to this field, we want to help you enhance your selling skills by offering Ayurvedic Events to your community of friends, family and beyond.

This is a chance to learn how to present, engage your audience like never before, and run your own skincare business. We provide training to help you bring your voice and passion to the forefront, enabling you to host fun and lively events that will raise awareness of Ayurvedic treatments and share your love for natural skincare.