Two awesome women meeting in Ireland on a yoga class and buddying up together sounds like a great movie. It’s also exactly what happened when wellbeing whizz and author of 9 books @kateobrienwellness attended an advanced yoga workshop run by @tarasaolbeo Tara O’Rourke.

In the Netflix version they’d go on a road trip. In our world, Tara and Kate teamed up to create @mysatsang . It’s a community for people exploring their path through wellbeing and spirituality, welcoming teachers and those wishing to learn with them for consciousness expanding exchanges of wisdom, practice, and fabulous lunches.

It all happens in Dublin, and you’ll have a fabulous time, guaranteed. I wrote about what they’re doing in a blog I titled It’s called a Satsang because we sit and sing. Sometimes it’s that simple, and best that way. The Irish and the Indians have a lot in common in that desire to strike up a song and feel better personally, and communally, as a result. Listen to us talk, and go with whatever response comes up. Maybe you’ll catch a flicker of what I felt that James Schwarz had the perfect words for:
“A fine light which shines throughout the universe, illuminates everything, was here before the universe began and will remain when it packs up and goes away.”

Listen. Listen and shine: Sunita in conversation with Kate O’Brien and Tara O’Rourke of MySatsang – YouTube

Until next time


Sunita Passi

Founder Tri-Dosha