Christopher Sell’s imaginary friend from childhood turned out to be much more than a passing phase, and revealed paradoxes about the real and the imagined that have dazzled Christopher’s audience ever since.

His friend is a being of light known as Sananda, and Christopher channels his light, love, and wisdom through live courses, online groups, and recordings of journeying and messages. There’s a joy to their relationship that’s hard not to be caught up in, as international audiences for three decades have discovered to their delight.

The story of their connection is one that took place over years, each small piece taking on new meaning as the years went by – until Christopher realised that a profound transformation had taken place for him. It’s a story that illuminates why we need to incarnate in a material form, and offers guidance on how to integrate extraordinary experiences into everyday existence in a way that works for our bodies and the other people in our lives.

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In this episode, we cover:
– Messages of a cosmic nature
– How to receive the love you want
– Awakening in BBC journalist Martina Purdy, who went on to train as a nun
– Parallel universe
– Sliding doors to another life
– Free will v Determination
– Stages of evolution
– Our assignment on planet Earth
– Life review
– Danger of judgement
– People as patterns of light
– How our innate capacity is revealed to us and how we have the option not to take physical form

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Sunita Passi

Founder Tri-Dosha