What is spirituality to you? Put aside any ideas you might have about gods and angels for now, whether you believe in them or not. Consider instead the impact that Ayurveda may have had for you, or that you know it’s had for others. Let’s start with the simple act of breathing.

Breath is just one of the keys to working with mind and heart. As your practice grows more refined over time, you’ll become increasingly aware of how consciousness can be affected with grace and power by methods that are often very simple and highlight the ways that ‘you’ works. That awareness is the seed of change, and like all medicinal seeds Ayurveda has a wealth of understanding of how they are to be cultivated, and under what conditions they will flourish.

Many of you will know that to be true of your own experience. Sure, you still have days or weeks when things are tricky and worse. But it’s also true that some of what troubled you in the past, really has passed. Relationships with family members that you avoided. Situations that created stress. And it may be that you have notions of how that relates to other realms. But here’s the thing…it doesn’t matter.

If there really is some kind of amazing beyond, then it doesn’t need our belief to sustain it. Maybe, just maybe, the kind of changes you’re experiencing and have witnessed in others – through Ayurveda and otherwise – are creating just that kind of utopia. A better world inclusive of believers and atheists alike, all getting on better, more or less, most of the time. No need to wave banners and sing songs, or at any rate get too fixated on those things. Just – enjoy. Be. Which, as it happens, is what many of the great spiritual teachers are going on about, if you boil it down.

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Until next time … Namaste


Founder Tri-Dosha