Each time on my podcast episodes, I talk with people who are active in the world creating changes, whether they’re working with individuals or communities, and with methods rooted in business, old and new approaches to spirituality, or wellbeing and healing in its myriad forms. What they share is a desire to work for the good of people and planet in ways that seed change. In the course of their journeys they’ve experienced insights that make them more of the people we can all be at our best. These are conversations I love to have regardless of who else is listening.

Let’s tune in together to my latest episode.

James Malins, a former sprinter who unbelievably changed to a bodybuilder. Like them or hate them, bodybuilders are certainly some of the most dedicated and hard-working people out there. While there will always be rumors of steroids and things, you don’t get to this sheer size without putting in an enormous amount of effort and dedication. But what happens when the bodybuilding days are over? Do the guys keep their shape? For @jamesmalins , this morphed into his next evolution, as a Personal Growth Speaker, sharing incite of the Souls journey and transformation. @jamesmalins is sharp, vivacious and also grounded at the same time. His deep wisdom shines through and it is interesting to see how his philosophy on life guides his untamed spirit as it searches for ever more freedom.

We discuss topics inc.:

👉Childhood bullying of which he was a victim

👉Limiting believes

👉Instilling positive thought patterns

👉Self-confidence and the power within

👉Abusive relationships in communities

👉Questioning reality

👉Thoughts on humanity, helping one soul at a time

👉How propaganda is used in an addicted Gov.

👉Parasites in Humans how he sees energy being drained

👉Peeling back the layers

👉Soul-hearted living

👉How he is willing to give up his life for his work

Until next time


Sunita Passi

Founder Tri-Dosha