Why training to teach meditation and mindfulness could be the best choice you ever make

There comes a point in your learning journey when the best way to continue is to teach others. That happened for me a decade ago. In travelling back from Cornwall, after an Ayurvedic event I put on, I had an experience that I couldn’t account for. Something shifted in a powerful way. I couldn’t put it into words that were useful. What helped was meditating – and the quality of my experience was altered by what had happened.

In processing what had occurred, as well as joyful tears and a new sense of purpose and connection, I realised I had a need to teach meditation. And in doing so, tentatively at first, I heard words come from my mouth that needed the right people to bring them out. In engaging with an exchange with others, I created something of value to us all.

Over time, those sessions have crystallised into what I’ve called the Happy Hour Mindfulness and Meditation course. The name points to the ethos: this is about getting quality trainings out there in a format that’s accessible in bitesize chunks in work settings. What you’ll be introducing people to emerges from a centuries-old lineage – but it’s presented in a way that attracts attention in the 21st century. Meditation is all about attention, and presenting it in this way allows a foothold in places where words like mantra and mandala might not.

Offering one-hour classes enables people to take back control of their attention, demanded by professional and personal responsibilities, hijacked by social media and news. Understanding how those processes work through experiencing what it’s like to have clarity of mind is a gamechanger, a gift you can offer which will have consequences that ripple far beyond the walls of a training room.

Everything we do is the result of choices. Being overwhelmed by the number and importance of them makes it less likely we make good choices. Making the choice to train in the skills that have changed your own life will enable others to make better choices at a point the world needs them more than ever.

The training course comprises 12 modules, and 12 Skype sessions. After completion you’ll participate a 2 day residential training where those learnings will be integrated, in the context of a supportive group environment. We also offer ongoing support to equip you with the skills and knowhow to build up your training business – operating in the market while being free of some of its values is a challenge well worth embracing.

The next step? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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