Life might happen to us randomly…or not – we probably won’t ever know. How we respond to what it presents is what distinguishes us from one another, and maps our progress across different phases and aspects of our existence. And the best means we have of increasing that responsiveness is meditation.

At its core, meditation is a practice enabling you to notice what happens in your mind without getting caught up in it. That has knock-on effects for your body, since the thoughts you get tangled with then lead to moods that start with breathing, which shape your choices and actions, whether for good or otherwise. We need those learning experiences, and meditation allows us to have some different ones by making interesting new mistakes, instead of repeating old cycles by default.

I know the turmoils of 2020 have called on my skills as a meditator: this year has been an Olympics in dealing with stress and uncertainty for us all. Over time, those skills become a core part of the person you are. Once the practice of observing your thoughts becomes more or less second nature, life is different. It continues to have its riches and joys – more so, since you’re less likely to be as distracted by what you’re making for dinner, and the prospect of your next Zoom call. And your ability to welcome those experiences is increased. At the same time, the invitation bad moods and awful news present to embrace you is one you have greater ability to politely but firmly decline.

A few minutes of meditation a day is a transformative experience. Doing it with guidance and support will ensure you get the most out of the possibilities this beautiful and simple art presents. We have designed a 3 month programme with 12 modules, 12 worksheets and 12 x 30 min coaching calls, to ensure you benefit from a journey that millions have been on over millennia. Ayurveda is one of the core branches on the tree of meditation’s development – the tree that Buddha rested under, and countless others since. 12 modules allow you to experience and explore meditation and mindfulness in its nuances, with a tutor who will guide you through a journey that will enjoy throughout your life.

Until next time … Namaste


Founder Tri-Dosha