The notion of Ayurveda as a tool for balance has been there from the start. Derived through knowledge accumulated over centuries, the lore accumulated in its timeless texts provides guidance on diet, meditation, exercise, and the use of plant-derived medicines. At this point in time, when individuals and couples and families face unprecedented stresses and opportunities, its advantages concerning emotional wellbeing are worth considering.

There may be no better time in your life to investigate more of the effect of yogic breathing methods such as pranayama on who you are and how you are day to day. Being able to recognise when your breathing shifts in ways that lead to you being unresourceful gives you the ability to do something different instead. For a quick demonstration, first do some centred breathing, slowly in and out through your nose for a few minutes. Then write something. You can choose to write an intent, or a personal issue you’d like to know more about. Just do a paragraph or so, noticing how your breathing shifts as you do, and your mood with it. The same can happen in a more subtle way with reading, which will give you an insight into the physiology of doomscrolling…

I’ll be going into all this and more on the fantastic new Kaylo platform, finding ways to present the wisdom of Ayurveda anew for audiences, tailored to the medium of digital screens. Ideal for those new to the ideas and practice, and just as good if you want new insights and methods. Along the way we’ll be covering nutrition, remedies, and daily routines for keeping you in a good place.

Ayurveda for Beginners with Sunita Passi will kick off Monday 12th April onwards for 8 weeks For more and registration. 

Until next time … Namaste


Founder Tri-Dosha