12-Module Meditation Instructor Tuition

Educating, Inspiring, Changing lives

Tri-Dosha’s 12-module Meditation Instructor Tuition programme – can be completed over 3-mth’s to 1-year – and is a comprehensive twelve module programme and includes instruction with six or twelve 45 min coaching sessions to empower students to realize their deepest intentions, as well as achieve their personal and professional goals.

The course is also suitable for individuals as a self-development programme.

For student instructors, you will be assigned a course advisor who will support you as you go through the program and have access to founder Sunita Passi and other meditation experts.

For individuals, you will work with Sunita Passi through the programme, supported by her teaching and coaching methodology.

The training days cover the theory and practical required to understand the benefits and principles of breathing and mindfulness techniques plus all the guided steps needed within structured sessions.

Graduates are certified as Meditation Instructors and able to facilitate sessions with our wellness operator partners; find their own affiliation within their cities and communities; or give something back to the place they live.

Throughout the 12-module, we work closely with the breath using a variety of techniques so that the nervous system can let go of stress and the muscles of the chest remain soft and relaxed, connecting mind-body during facilitation.


Our programme gives you:

  • A variety of ready scripted guided meditations
  • Exclusive closed Facebook page
  • Instructor listing on the Tri-Dosha website
  • Advertising and promotion via Tri-Dosha’s online presence
  • Connection to other Tri-Dosha Instructors

Why become an Instructor?

  • Turn your passion into your profession
  • Improve people’s wellness with meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Spread compassion and kindness
  • Lead by example and improve your own meditation and mindfulness practice
  • Take your career to the next level and join our tribe
  • Enhance your existing health or holistic business with this as an additional service
  • Get support from the Tri-Dosha faculty with marketing that works
  • Get paid to do what you love, with the earning potential of up to 75k p/a.

Start your journey

Feel relaxed, less stressed, blissful and serene.

Think you have what it takes to become a Meditation Instructor? Fantastic!

Take the next step by contacting us. We will send you everything you need to know to get started. It is going to be an amazing journey.


  • "Sunita is an awake, kind and compassionate soul with a charismatic personality. She aptly guided our skype sessions to help me deepen my understanding of technique and I am grateful our paths have crossed. I highly recommend her teaching, whether to develop your own practice or as a teacher. You won’t be disappointed."

    Nicola Brunton, HR Officer
  • "Life can throw you challenges and the need to re-calibrate is essential before stepping forward again. Sunita and Tri-Dosha were deeply knowledgeable and supportive through these processes. The course was instrumental in helping me reach a more connected place. For example, the 'Happy Hour' methodology was a brilliant overview to finally understand ‘how to’ meditate. Step by step guidance allowed me to really ‘feel’ the benefits quite quickly. It is great to have worked with someone who is natural at healing and wants nothing more than their client/s to benefit genuinely from Ayurveda and meditation in a modern world."

    Sonal Patel, Senior Business Development
  • "I've had the benefit of attending Sunita's meditation instructor training. Sunita has reminded and motivated me into a positive practice, which has been rewarding in so many ways. Sunita is a wonderful teacher, with a very natural affinity for working with people and I easily connected with her. It really helped that her approach removes the ‘meditation mystique.’ I highly recommend this program to both those wishing to deepen their own practice and for teachers who want to hone their skills. I've experienced Sunita’s guidance as heartfelt."

    Ericka Golding, Gardener, Maker, Facilitator


12-Module Meditation Instructor Tuition:
+ 6 growth mind-set coaching calls: £450 + VAT = £540.00
+ 12 growth mind-set coaching calls: £900 + VAT = £1080.00
For teaching and coaching with Sunita Passi, please email for details.

Included in the fee:

  • All Tuition
    Including manual, teaching materials, journal
  • 6 or 12 x 45 min coaching calls
    To complete over 3 mths to 1-year
  • Marketing
    Added to Meditation map on Tri-Dosha website