What does the future of healing look like?

Tri-Dosha founder Sunita Passi explains when you change your mind about health tools, you can change your body’s response to it. She recommends acknowledging complementary therapies such as bodywork, meditation and herbal remedies.

So what does the future of healing look like?

Doing a TEDx talk recently lit a fire in me. This is a journey I’ve been on for some years now, and having the opportunity to share some of what I’ve discovered was a wonderful experience. In some respects it was a chance to step back into the person I was as a business journalist – curious, keen to tell others what I know. And it was a reminder too of how far I’ve travelled since then.

There’s a reason my journalism career came to an end, and that it happened in India. What I experienced there thanks to Ayurvedic medicine was a rebirth. The transformation that happened wasn’t rational, and for a while I tried to fight that. But soon I accepted there was no point. I couldn’t deny the evidence of my senses as immersion in ancient methods that my grandfather had practiced allowed me to connect with a self beyond the one I had mistaken for me.

Massage. Meditation. Healing herbs. They’ve all been part of getting to know the person I’m becoming. And the opportunity to allow others to hear some of what I now know is one I really enjoyed. In fact, I’m already wondering if this is an adventure of a whole new sort, a way for me to get the Ayurvedic message out there to a wider audience.

Anyway, have a look at the video of the talk, and share it with any friends and online groups you think might be interested. I’ve made a point of including little-known facts that show how a lot of great ideas in medicine aren’t accepted by mainstream thinking, whether they’re new ideas that just don’t fit or old ones that have been overlooked. In either case, truth is…well, the truth! And what works, works regardless of whether it fits the model-of-the-week. It’d be great to get the message out there more!

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Until next time … Namaste!

Sunita x
Founder, Tri-Dosha