If you’ve had an Ayurveda massage, you may be familiar with the concept of marma. They’re a network of vital points across and through the body that allow tension to be released. And – well, we all need that sometimes.

A facial massage is a great place to start, not least because the neck holds so much of our worries. Many originate in that electric jelly we call the brain, which does what it can to make sense of the world while being trapped in a cage of bone. I exaggerate, but the metaphor helps explain where anxiety comes from!

You can do facial massages yourself. Start by washing your face and then, makeup removed, using a cleanser or oil (great Christmas gifts as it goes – look here!). A good oil, perhaps slightly warmed, will allow your fingers to drift across your skin, responding to its contours and subtleties. Work with the lymph nodes – often linked to toxins – starting under your ears and circling down to your throat and along your jawline. Do that for a minute, and then do similarly with your forehead, temples to centre. You can then work around your eyes, starting from your brows and working gently around the area until you reach the inside corners. Bliss, and a daily practice you’ll relish.

Anyone who’s worked with us or those we’ve trained knows we do facial massage very well indeed. And it’s important to acknowledge those whose abilities transcend skill. One such marma-wizard is Gerald Mousset. The write-up here is very much my own take on Gerald. He’s a friend and ally of Tri-Dosha, and we’re more than happy to recommend his online classes.

A working knowledge of face massage can improve your life. Doing a course can take things further. And if at some point you want to have a session with a true master, there’s Gerald.

Or if you want to train, be just like Gerald, sign up for our 1-day Ayurvedic Holistic Facial Workshop.

Until next time … Namaste


Founder Tri-Dosha