Once upon a time Coca Cola said they were ‘the real thing’. They were doing it partly to imply their superiority to Pepsi Cola, which is interesting given the two are pretty much identical examples of oversweet carbonated drinks that admittedly go well with rum if you’re in the mood. But what kind of real is either of them really?

When I started Tri-Dosha, I wanted every aspect of the business to be something I could be proud of, and to reflect Ayurvedic principles in vibrant, passionate, fun ways. Doing otherwise would betray the tradition I am part of and represent whether I’m answering an email, doing a radio interview, or negotiating with retailers. Tri-Dosha is who I am.

Everything begins with self-love. Start there, and everything else falls into place. What Tri-Dosha does allows you to demonstrate that love to yourself and others through oils, through skills, through products and services using traditional methods and ingredients. Even if the word love is not part of your everyday vocabulary, the effect on your skin, your hair, your outlook – these signify what’s brought Tri-Dosha into the world.

All of this comes under the heading of brand. Often, it has associations that aren’t the best. But if you consider the consistent authentic experience of buying particular products that resonate with you and not others of broadly the same type, you’ll appreciate what I mean. Care goes into every aspect, and that care needs to be sincere.

Fake gets spotted, sooner or later. There’s no shortage in the complementary health scene. My purpose is ensuring Ayurveda enters the 21st century in a way that allows those seeking it to realise Tri-Dosha holds the torch, bringing you your daily dose of self-care as we always have. And we’re more than that. The hundreds who’ve done our courses are able to be more valuable to those around them knowing they not only have a knowledge of the principles of Ayurveda, but can offer massage, meditation, and ways of listening in new ways. They also have the support of those in our community, because for all of us this is a time when self-care sometimes means reaching out to others.

You’ll know by now how much our values resonate with yours. The choices I make for Tri-Dosha, based on what I see and what I’m told and notice by people across many countries, support a world in which fairness matters and caring counts. Now more than ever, that decision matters. Every week presents new instances where the healthiest response is to drop your jaw, all the better to chant a mantra or let out a shriek. Ayurveda helps me navigate it all, finding new ways to embody ancient lore, bring its spirit and practice to new audiences, and enjoy every mile and misstep of the adventure.

Until next time … Namaste


Founder Tri-Dosha