The ocean is a magical solution

Stella Grant – a past student, a kindred spirit – offers a unique integration of Ayurveda and surfing, something she came to via overcoming her own troubled relationship with the sea – her earliest memory is of nearly drowning. That ability to confront trauma and move on is characteristic of this amazing woman, who is also trained in dance and anthropology, as well as being a successful event organiser and chef.

You’ve said that your aim is to empower people to journey within to discover their true nature. How did you find yours?

“I tolerated an overwhelming feeling of dis-ease mentally and physically for too many years of my life and reached the limit of insulting my soul. I had to find a way to let go of the pain weighing me down. Rather than drown amongst the grief, anxiety, and traumas my body had not yet healed from, I quickly learnt that being vulnerable would be the most healing way for me to grow. I made myself fully show up, be seen and heard by people who could help me, so I could transform my mind, body and spirit. I made a commitment to wellbeing by honouring daily rituals that continue to keep me balanced and grounded, giving me access to a life of freedom with space and clarity.”

Where does surfing fit in with your purpose?

“The ocean is our mother. Yoga and the ocean are a union, the all-seeing and all-knowing calm connection between humankind and nature, a place of freedom and possibility. 

Practising yoga, meditation and mindfulness surfing cultivates an authentic power within me that fuels my soul, making me feel unstoppable. I just had to share these experiences with as many people experiencing any form of mental, emotional, health challenges in life. 

Water and yoga can restore our emotional, mental and physical well-being, washing away any debris collected along the way.”

This all sounds amazing, and your courses are a delight. Tell us more about who you are.

“I understand how hard it can feel to make the changes needed to create a life dedicated to your mental and physical health – especially when the people around you are not investing in their own wellbeing. It’s not always easy but it’s possible. Anything is if you want it enough. I like to keep life as simple and as slow as possible with adventure mixed in at all times. I love connecting with people through real and honest conversations and invite you all to adventure within and join me on a journey of awakening self-discovery and nurturing self-connection, where the ride to freedom is limitless.”

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