See what our clients have said about us

  • "I recently had the Tri-Dosha Spa Guided Meditation session with Janet in Cheshire. What an amazing relaxing experience. I had more energy for two days afterwards and felt completely stress-free. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. Thankyou."

    Christine S
  • "I have been going to see Davinder in Surrey for many months now for meditation. In the Tri-Dosha Spa Guided Meditation session I felt very relaxed and saw some colours. I enjoyed the massage to vital (marma) points and felt so relaxed for days after. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to unwind & relax in a calming environment."

    Sindy G
  • "Life can throw you challenges and the need to re-calibrate is essential before stepping forward again. I went to Xenia in London for a course of the Tri-Dosha Spa Guided Meditation Treatment session. I found Xenia to be  deeply knowledgeable and supportive through the process. The course was instrumental in helping me reach a more connected place and I really felt the benefits quite quickly."

    Clare P
  • "Sunita is an awake, kind and compassionate soul with a charismatic personality. She aptly guided our skype sessions to help me deepen my understanding of technique and I am grateful our paths have crossed. I highly recommend her teaching, whether to develop your own practice or as a teacher. You won’t be disappointed."

    Nicola Brunton, HR Officer
  • "Life can throw you challenges and the need to re-calibrate is essential before stepping forward again. Sunita and Tri-Dosha were deeply knowledgeable and supportive through these processes. The course was instrumental in helping me reach a more connected place. For example, the 'Happy Hour' methodology was a brilliant overview to finally understand ‘how to’ meditate. Step by step guidance allowed me to really ‘feel’ the benefits quite quickly. It is great to have worked with someone who is natural at healing and wants nothing more than their client/s to benefit genuinely from Ayurveda and meditation in a modern world."

    Sonal Patel, Senior Business Development
  • "I've had the benefit of attending Sunita's meditation instructor training. Sunita has reminded and motivated me into a positive practice, which has been rewarding in so many ways. Sunita is a wonderful teacher, with a very natural affinity for working with people and I easily connected with her. It really helped that her approach removes the ‘meditation mystique.’ I highly recommend this program to both those wishing to deepen their own practice and for teachers who want to hone their skills. I've experienced Sunita’s guidance as heartfelt."

    Ericka Golding, Gardener, Maker, Facilitator
  • "Amazing treatments. The consultation at the beginning is always thorough, and allows me to explain my needs. Most of my problem areas are lower back, and my Tri-Dosha therapist always creates a bespoke treatment to address this."

    Simon Grange, Hertfordshire
  • "I have been having regular Ayurveda treatments for a number of years. I tend to carry a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck, but this Tri-Dosha procedure with specific work to marma points in this area, has been the most beneficial, physically and also emotionally."

    Gill Cooper, London
  • "It wasn't only the best treatment I had yesterday, but one of the best treatments I have ever had – and I have tried lots of massages! I can't wait to publish it in the magazine."

    Claire Garnham, Journalist, Natural Health Magazine
  • "As a yoga teacher who loves to travel, I was looking for another string to my bow to offer me freedom and financial independence. I also wanted to advance my hands-on skill to support my yoga students with an additional service. This was the perfect course. We've learned so much. The treatments are so beautiful and training inspiringly delivered, with so much love. Thank you Tri-Dosha."

    Kim Williamson, Holistic Therapist, London
  • "The course was everything it promised to be and more. At times challenging, yet in a relaxed and supportive environment, the programme is incredibly informative, providing real insight into the doshas and how to apply that to myself as well as the technical skills to understand energy lines, marma [vital] points and the importance of being balanced. We were taught how to individualise treatments to clients, and of course it was great to experience them as well."

    Zoe Kaplinsky, Therapist, Herb House, Limewood Hotel
  • "As a massage therapist I have been keen to come on this course for over a two years now and it really is one of the best things I have done. I found the pace of the course was great and the material we covered has given me a much more deeper insight into how the body works from an energetic level. Thank you for a wonderful week! The course was excellent, and made even more enjoyable by sharing the experience with a really fabulous group. A great start to becoming an ambassador for Tri-Dosha."

    Michelle Watts, Therapist, Hertfordshire