No surprise that Ayurveda has an interesting take on sex. Why wouldn’t it? With 3 doshas and 6 seasons, and the effect of those combinations on everything from skin condition to food preferences, it makes sense that sex is something else where Ayurveda is worth paying attention to.

Whether you’re getting any loving during this strange time is another thing. For those on their own, without even a bubble partner, it can be an issue. But help is – well – at hand. Explore the use of coconut oil as a sensual aid. It’s equally delightful for women and men, though can break down latex in condoms. Taking a break from penetrative sex to explore other possibilities can be good as well, with or without company.

The Ashtaga Hridayam is Ayurveda’s text on the art of love, written centuries before the time of Christ. It advises paying attention to your body’s rhythms, which are likely to support having more sex in winter, less in summer. The underlying principle is response to seasonality – lots of energy depleted in the summer by heat and exertion makes regular lovemaking less straightforward, while being indoors more in the winter and sustained by stored foods is conducive to regular sex.

In the absence of physical connection, don’t despair. Powerful bonds can be formed with voice and video – if you’ve not seen the 12 hour phone conversation in Halt and Catch Fire (now on Netflix) by two former lovers rediscovering their bond, you’re missing something special. And for more stimulation on the visual front, you might want to explore the erotic films made by women over at the free Bellesa website. Or why not create your own steamy video? That’s what writer Alan Moore and artist Melinda Gebbie did in their graphic novel Lost Girls, becoming lovers in the process.

Oh, and those herbs and spices..? Ashwagandha is the preparation that men will benefit from, while women enjoy the effects of shatavari, both available from our friends Essential Ayurveda of course…

Until next time … Namaste


Founder Tri-Dosha