Skincare, the Ayurvedic Way

Tri-Dosha founder Sunita Passi shares the Ayurvedic secrets on how we can nourish our skin without a chemical in sight!

The notion of skincare is traditionally taken on board more by women than men. More of us, male and female, might be inclined to look after the complex membrane that separates inside from outside if we thought of it as what it is – our biggest organ. Considered that way, maybe we’d be more likely to consider seriously what we expose our skin to and how we look after it knowing we want it to be there for as long as we are.

VATA – more prone to dryer skin, including conditions such as chapped lips. They can be helped with balm and more generally it’s worth considering use of lotion for your skin to soak up so it stays pliant. Wrinkles and lines are worry-related, so meditation is also recommended.

PITTA – often sensitive in temperament, skincare can be an issue – more so in the winter months. But whatever time of year it is, blotchiness and allergies are a possibility. Often they flare up red and have a psychological aspect. A robust cream is a good way forward.

KAPHA – either dry or oily skin are likely, and in either case getting to know more about how your skin changes will allow you to provide it with the love it needs. Quite often there’ll be facial dry patches, and a good cleanser will be really helpful if so: look for one with a pH of less than 7. Look into moisturisers too.

Whatever your type – dosha, which can be determined with a consultation – your skin will thank you for being nourished by liquids (room temperature tap water is great) and essential fatty acids. In your diet they can come in the form of nuts, seeds, oils, and oily fish. Keep an eye on the chemicals in the products you use too. If you’re happy with them and they’re working for you that’s great. If you’d like alternatives, then we have plenty for you to consider, created using centuries-old methods and made with organic plants – visit our online shop to see the full range.

Until next time … Namaste!

Sunita x

Founder, Tri-Dosha