1-Day Holistic Clinician Course




This is the social selling arm of Tri-Dosha and an exclusive opportunity available to qualified therapists.Tri-Dosha Holistic Clinicians have a key role to play in the distribution of the Tri-Dosha products. They are professionals, experts and gatekeepers for many people experiencing our method of Ayurveda across the world. As both therapist and educator, the Tri-Dosha Holistic Clinician is the soul of the brand.Interested? You already run your own treatment services business but now we want to give you a chance to focus on improving your selling skills by offering your clients Ayurvedic Events.This is a chance to learn how to present, how to talk like you’ve never talked before, and run your own skincare workshops. We train you to bring your voice and passion to the forefront to host fun and lively events that will help raise awareness of your Ayurvedic treatments and also share your passion for natural skincare.