Polish your intent like a gem

Some people link their goals to images, and put them on a vision board. That was part of the inspiration for Veroniek Vermeulen when, drawing on experience as an engineer, she crystallised the idea of designing jewellery symbolic of the meditation journey. She realised she needed a range of pieces to reflect the life experience of those she talked with. In the end she came up with 22, tailored to a spectrum of personalities.

“A minimum of 21 consecutive days are required to form a habit, and it’s important to set yourself a clear intention. Consumer research showed we weren’t alone with this frustration. Many people feel and know the benefits of meditation, but can’t find time to fit it in as it is not set up as a regular activity in their daily lives. Silatha offers real support to make this life-change.”

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your business?

“Whatever you need in life, will come to you, when you are ready.”

Do you identify as a wellness champion?

“Not a champion, but an advocate for sure. I believe in a holistic approach; combining exercise with meditation, healthy eating, and compassion. I could improve on the healthy eating. I eat a lot of sugar in-between meals and am very aware of this. I will change this, but haven’t yet created a new pattern. As I do lots of sports, I don’t feel too guilty.”

What do you do on a daily basis to advance your spiritual practice?

“During the day, I use moments where I’m waiting, or when I need it, for short meditations. Sometimes it is simply just a few breaths, but it helps release stress and focus. This teaches me to accept life for what it is, which keeps me feeling free and fulfilled.”

What is your vision for Silatha into the future?

“We want to expand our meditation app with even more relevant topics that people can work on during their meditations. In Autumn we are extending our jewellery line so stay tuned to be the first to see our beautiful new creations!”

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