These are weird times. And they affect us in ways we might not expect. And if kapha is a big part of who you are, which since it’s kapha season will apply to more of us than usual, then reflect on how much of what follows applies to you…

Are you the person others turn to with their problems? Looking after the special people in your life is great. And it can come at a cost. When we talk about ‘taking on’ someone’s problems, that can be literally what happens. Empathy can mean that we internalise someone else’s issues as we attempt to understand them.

Too much of that, especially on top of your own problems, is something to avoid. How do you cope with those kinds of pressure if they’ve become a habit? One way is to make it gently clear there will be times you can’t be the listening ear you’ve typically been. And there are approaches that can help:

  • Imagine someone’s situation in front of you, rather than taking it in to your body. You might get some sense of it using your inner eye.
  • Check your breathing when you’re with someone who’s telling you upsetting stuff. If it’s making you feel bad too, part of the reason could be you’re locked into the same rhythm of respiration.
  • Explore the protective qualities of colour. What colour do you associate with protection? Breathe it in. Imagine it surrounding you. Experiment with letting the other person into that bubble or leaving them outside. Which works best to keep you safe while acknowledging them?

With Valentine’s Day just passed, there might be added pressures given the tensions we’ve all experienced. Whether you’ve been immersed in teaching your kids things you never got properly at school yourself, experiencing the shift of two of you working from home, or had other things going on, relationships could be tricky in ways neither of you had anticipated. Self-care matters, and as well as the practices suggested above, treating yourself or someone you love to our Kapha Energising Oil could be the indulgence you need right now.

Until next time … Namaste


Founder Tri-Dosha