Love is all you need

Tri-Dosha founder Sunita Passi explores the concept of love to help guide you on your self-care journey.

Love – bigger than anything in its way

It might seem an unusual example, but one of the greatest feeling of love I’ve known is when I watched the opening ceremony for the London Olympics in 2012. There was something magical about that event, a triumph not just of vision and planning and rehearsal but of something that made all of that possible. And I can’t think of a better word for that than love.

There was a palpable energy at work, in the scale of an epic theatrical take on what’s best in Britain, set to a soundtrack of some of the finest music this isle has produced. Seeing history and culture and community celebrated that way was truly amazing. My eyes and mind were almost overwhelmed, and more than any of that my heart was caught in its embrace. It’s different from the way I’ve felt about family, friends, lovers – and I recognised it all the same as love.

Many other times I’ve felt that same energy. It’s familiar from workshops where I’ve trained practitioners, and only grows stronger as the years I’ve done that go by. And I’ve been touched by love in moments of shared vulnerability with a client. When a stranger offers to donate their services as a therapist in the aftermath of a disaster. When an upset child is comforted by a puppy.

The Olympics ceremony is a reminder that love is bigger than us. And it’s when we align ourselves with something bigger that the miraculous reaches down to us. It’s easy to shrug such concepts off when they’re rare, but when they become part of your life you’ll recognise that being in tune with yourself is a way of being in tune with the universe. Being in love is an even better description than being in tune. Hear one when you say the other.

If that kind of love is available to us in an experience where art brings people together, what else might we be capable of? In practice, there’s no ‘we’. You can’t make anyone else do anything. What you can do is reach out. Given the right invitation, they might just allow you to connect your love with theirs. And that’s when we realise we didn’t need to change – just to stop defining ourselves by the past, even when others do their best to restrict us with old labels.

And of course, I would say this – but really – there is no greater expression of self-love than anointing yourself from head to toe with warming oil. Go on over and treat yourself a dosha specific Tri-Dosha body and massage oil –

Until next time … Namaste!
Sunita x

Founder, Tri-Dosha