Let’s Get Ancient Ideas of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy into Schools

I’ve been a learning a lot this week from some very clever techy people – they told me about web analytics, customer intelligence, hypothesis generation and software integration! Ah yes, I’m sure your eyes are rolling just as mine have been! The idea is that ‘we’ [Tri-Dosha] can integrate some of these ideas into our day to day functions to make developing, producing and passing on our lovely products and services to you much easier to do. With no technical brain space, we shall see if I am able to accommodate this new information! For now, I think I will stick to the touch feely stuff – massage, gorgeous smelling products, yummy yoga and sustainability! This, I certainly do know about and it has given me a grounding for conscious living.

I learnt some other cool stuff as well, from my younger sister who also happens to be a primary school teacher. She told me about the Government initiative to help parents educate children on how the media alters images and to inspire them to be confident in their bodies. It made me ask the question, how on earth have we got to a point where we actually need to implement this kind of strategy? Are we that far away from being connected to ourselves, our true image, and being ok with it? It made me think of the information we receive from the ancient texts and the teachings I have had a long the way from my mentors in alternative and complementary therapies, which always highlighted the notion that health and happiness comes from experiencing the ‘truth of life’ where every moment of that day can be filled with love, peace and authenticity.

Children and Ayurveda

I then did some research on Ayurveda for Children and came across a quote from Elbert Hubbard (writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher) who said, “The object of teaching is to enable a child to get along without his teacher.” While many of us read this quote and agree with it, we may not quite grasp its full meaning or its connection to Ayurveda. Ayurveda supports the notion that we are more than just physical, treating each person individually. And to ‘heal’ any imbalance promotes greater awareness and get’s us connected to who we truly are.

So let’s promote yoga, breathing techniques, self awareness modules, good nutrition, and conscious living to our children. The more balanced we feel, the more we can experience the love and beauty of each moment of each day.

Much love,

Sunita x