Keep the Faith

“For decades I have been finding ways to turn towards all the things that our culture encourages us to suppress and escape from. The core of this is Full Body Listening in all kinds of diverse ways, both to dissolve and listen to Life communicating to me through my body sensations. The same presence and focus keeps my compass for what I want to pursue or create, trustworthy and aligned.”

There’s a lot to unpack in those words from Jamie Catto, but then there’s a lot of unpack in his life. International success with dance act Faithless, adventures in filmmaking, exploration of spirituality, have crystallised an energised authenticity that clients worldwide benefit from.

How does he choose what to do, I wondered?

“Surrender to what comes with as little resistance as possible. Luckily I’ve had the advantage of being trained in this by three daughters. We are not in charge of our spiritual curriculum, so making choices to take ‘the harder path’ because ‘it’s good, it brings up my stuff’’ – to me, is a mistake. I believe we are meant to place ourselves where we thrive and shine, and I trust that if I fall out of alignment, my soul will show me in no uncertain terms!”

And what does being in alignment look and feel like?

“Wellbeing to me is any moment where I am present, and therefore loving and wise – undistracted and hooked-in by unconscious, mental, self-protecting, and avoiding urges. Let go of the melodrama, and effortlessly embrace power and creativity while laughing and being unmasked and intimate with each other.”

That very much fits in with Jamie’s ethos of playful awakening, something you’ll get to discover much more about when you join us on the evening of Friday October 11th for what promises to be a lively talk. Details about Create Your Future are here, and Jamie would like to remind you that nobody is ever turned away for money reasons, and NHS nurses can always attend for free.

How about your plans for future work, given you’re in-demand from some big name corporate clients?

“I have to work in the future?? Sigh…I thought I might stop and look at the sea.”

To join us on Friday 11th October for Create Your Future, buy your tickets here

Sunita x

Founder, Tri-Dosha



Jamie Catto’s hit career with Faithless is matched by his enthusiastic approach to filmmaking, spirituality, and relationships. Creativity is the core that runs through what he does and how he does it, and Jamie will be sharing some of his adventures and what they’ve taught him in this 2.5  hour evening session on Friday October 11th.

The event promises to be a lively exploration of authenticity and how to be more of yourself, whatever form that takes in your life. As ever with Jamie’s events, NHS nurses attend for free. Jamie is in demand for in-house trainings with corporations worldwide, and his workshops attract people from far afield. Secure your attendance at this talk now, and look forward to a fresh perspective on the game of life.