It’s so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to…

As I sit here in my studio, I feel today is the perfect day for change. I want to step into the 2013 action plan I thought about over the Christmas period, but haven’t quite put into play yet! I have this theory that actually, it is better to en.act ones New Year resolution a month in to the New Year, as most would not have kept it on January 1st, and the momentum increases as the days roll on.

We are also exactly one month into the new Solar Year! What, I hear some of you say, is that? Well, in astronomical circles, 21/12/12 was chosen as the as the end of the Mayan cycle due to the Maya’s knowledge of the equinoxes and their revolution around the sun. You will have seen mainstream media commenting on this date as the ‘end of the world’ – well, we are still here! So I guess this wasn’t really the message.

The calendar depicts an ending that is new beginning. An understanding of the position of our solar system in relation to the Milky Way reveals to us a development state of humanity as a whole! OK – so this is getting a bit deep. And I don’t to preach. Promise! But how prey, do we fit into all this Milky Way stuff?

‘As transformation, triggered by the completion of the Great Cycle has already taken place, signaled by a shift in the resonating frequency, this shift announces the end of a Great Cycle and gives premonition of the brilliance of our galactic, solar and planetary reality in the following era which begins with 2012 AD’.

WOW! This is all sounding awesome to me! So what’s next?

‘Our planet thus enters into its next evolutionary phase, securing itself a place as a new member of the galactic community.’

So, with this great news, I have been waiting for some sense of spirit to envelop me and guide me towards my next move, as we all come together to work collectively! As you can see, I am still waiting…

But with the month passed since 21/12/12, I have given great thought to what this message means in practical terms, and what it holds for me. 2013 is a year where we may all find what we desire, whatever we need, we can make it happen. But, it will take work on our part.

I have been reminded of things that I had experienced in the past and had challenged me, but what I now understand is I was challenged for a purpose. These times brought change in me, and I have changed for the better. And I strive for excellence. I have come to create goods things around me, for good things to then blossom.

So with the blessings that come with time, growth and change, let’s seek deep roots, think long term, support generations, provide strong foundations, to build something that will last …. forever?

Happy New Solar Year!

Much love,