Hello! Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer Gigi here with some festive ideas. Call it Christmas, call it Yule, call it Dongzhi as they do in China and Taiwan, there are many ways to enjoy the period around the longest night. Staying in from the chill is often part of the motivation, and whether you’ll be together in person or otherwise, exchanging gifts is a long-established tradition. It’s one we’re abundantly prepared for at Tri-Dosha with some great gift ideas.

Skincare is a theme for the season, not least because dryer skin at this time of year is an issue for many. With that in mind check out our gorgeous dosha-specific balancing face creams. Each ensures hydrated skin, balancing and moisturising according to your principle type – Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. They can’t hold back the hands of time, but they’re great for making the process an easier one, which will show on your face…neem being packed with Vitamin E helps, too.

Interesting that our facial scrub contains that most seasonal of ingredients – frankincense. There are 43 herbs too, all helping to make sure your skin will be refreshed and have its glow restored.

Naturally, we have a divine facial cleanser – a gorgeous wash infused with palmarosa and grapefruit perfect for removing makeup and whatever the day has delivered to your cheeks you need no longer.

All of the products are vegan by the way, and some are particularly male-friendly. I’m setting aside some bottles of our Neem shampoo for family members – the orange/geranium smell is a wonder. And I can think of one guy in particular who’d benefit from our ylang ylang and lemon scented Neem Conditioner.

Naturally we have fabulous packaging available for the above to make all this giftiness even more special, available right up to December 11.


Gigi Manlavi

Digital Marketing Manager