The year is divided up in different ways across the world. In Europe we know four seasons, while India follows a six-season model. We’re already in Vasant Ritu, a time of plant growth and blossoming flowers, which will be followed in mid-May by Grishma Ritu. That’s when summer is at its height – and heat.

Having two more seasons offers opportunities to work with doshas in line with changing temperatures, and summer itself is attuned to pitta. One aspect of that is finding ways to maintain your cool…which can apply to temper as well as heat. Exercising early without pushing yourself all the way to 10 is a useful tip. Keep some energy in reserve, basically, to get through longer hotter days happily. Your solar plexus retains heat (solar is the giveaway there!), so yoga poses that strengthen and stretch your abdomen are recommended. Use our soothing pitta body oil to get ready for that flexing.

Light foods and lots of liquids are recommended for eating and drinking. And with more available in the way of salad vegetables and fruit, there are plenty of choices. If you’re into dairy, then yoghurt and cottage cheese are good too, great with sweet and savoury tastes alike. As for drinks, this is absolutely the time of the year to get out long glasses and enjoy herbal teas. I’m keen on both mint and ginger, equally good for benefits that linger across the day: make up a pot to enjoy over the course of a morning. And at day’s end, as part of your pre-bed wind down, enjoy Tri-Dosha’s pitta calming face cream to ready for sleep.

Until next time … Namaste


Founder Tri-Dosha