These are interesting times. Times of change. I’ve been having conversations with creative professionals who feel under pressure to retrain. Talking to others wanting to find new ways to thrive with what they’ve dedicated their lives to. And I’ve spoken with people concerned about their livelihoods and family situations.

For at least some of those people, I know that being able to support themselves partly through Ayurveda would be an incredible way forward. That was why we were talking, in some cases. They know me through my reputation as an Ayurveda trainer with an authentic lineage, whether through my products, having treatment from one of my students, or experiencing the benefits of my products. Experiences like those plant seeds, even in the rocky soil of the world in its current form. Maybe especially so.

If you’re self-employed, you know already the ups and downs of keeping yourself motivated and balanced, however precarious things are some weeks. The skills you’ve developed there will give you a headstart supporting others, that training as an Ayurveda professional can amplify if it’s a path you’d like to consider.

That’s something I was thinking about earlier, as I listened to an ambient guitar improvisation by Robert Fripp. The madness of life on the road as a rock musician and its impact on who he was, led Fripp to step outside the music business and attend a retreat following the tradition established by Armenian mystic Gurdjieff. What he discovered enabled him to return to music as the person he was becoming, discovering his own way forward rather than being snared by managers and the lure of fame.

Ayurveda provides that kind of fixed point for people, whatever it is you do in their days. I work with clients who get up to an amazing range of activities. The support Ayurveda provides for them nourishes us all. At a point when there’s so much steroid-fuelled argument and news is a barrage, finding time for touch and scent and inner stillness is a balm that’s good for the world.

Whether you decide to continue on your current path, broaden it to include new possibilities, or take a new one entirely, Tri-Dosha is here for you. Enjoy learning meditation. Treat yourself to a bath that’ll be even more fabulous with our shampoos. Book a massage with one of our therapists. It all helps to keep you doing what makes you, you.

Until next time … Namaste!


Sunita Passi

Founder Tri-Dosha