One principle that shapes my choices around creating beauty products is the necessity for them to be made simply from natural products. Many are those which we also think of as being therapeutic – healing herbs, whether in their raw form or used in oils or other preparations. It makes sense. What’s good for us will help us look our best. Simple.

Start by knowing your dosha – your body type is a key. There are three, hence my business being called Tri-Dosha. In the same way that plants change across the year because of sun and soil, so do we. For some of us, there are times our skin is more oily. Others experience dryness. Hair condition can change similarly. And as well as seasonal variation, there are the shifts brought about by anxiety, or anger, or whatever else might be affecting us. With an understanding of your dosha, it becomes easier to find products that will nourish you on a daily or seasonal basis.

Tri-Dosha products are free of irritants in the form of unnecessary ingredients added to extend shelf-life or create a smell that’s nothing to do with what’s in the bottle. The more a product has been processed, the less it’s going to get on with your body. (If you’ve spotted a theme by this point, you’re right! I’m a woman with a mission.)

Building up a small stock of natural herbs can point you in this direction on your own. For a daily mix that will help smooth your complexion, mixing the juices of onion with Indian sorrel with ghee and black pepper is a delight. And if warts and moles or skin tags are an issue, then a blend of banyan, dandelion, euphorbia, Indian sorrel and rough chaff – together with Kaseesadi Taila – will work wonders.

You might not have the time or inclination to want to take this journey yourself, and that’s one of the motivations to have high quality products available made to the exacting standards that matter to me. Get in touch. We can assist you to find a mix of products that will work for you, or make a special gift at this sacred time of year.

Until next time … Namaste


Founder Tri-Dosha