Find Yourself … In Your Wardrobe – Lyn Deards on the Transformative Power of Clothes

Even before the training I did in Personal Styling at the London College of Style, I knew that if I was wearing comfortable clothes that flattered my skin tone, shape and height, I felt instantly better about myself and more confident. The same can be said for anyone – if you look in a mirror and like what you see – you will instantly feel more positive and ready to take on anything. I have seen people I have helped with outfit choices physically ‘grow’ in front of the mirror. They suddenly like what they see so instantly put their shoulders back, stand taller and appear more confident. And when the correct colour tone is worn against it, the face will physically glow and the eyes become brighter.

This past month I completed two wardrobe edits on ladies wanting to ‘unclutter’ their lives, including their wardrobes. Not only was I able to help them get rid of clothes that no longer suited or fitted, but I supported them to put different outfits together from their existing wardrobe they had never considered. By the end, they had a tidy, orderly wardrobe, and more outfit options without having to buy new clothes.

That result is pretty typical. When I first meet people for a consultation, on the whole they are usually quite pensive. Once we have completed the colour analysis, wardrobe edit, or personal shop and they see the results, the change in them becoming relaxed and happy is quite remarkable. I get tremendous satisfaction from this.

My ideal client? Simply anyone that has lost their way with clothes, doesn’t feel good about how they look, and doesn’t believe they will ever like what they see in the mirror. To see someone smile when they look in the mirror and know you have helped them do that is so rewarding. It’s what I do in my 1:1 work, and on my workshops I share others some of my secrets so you’ll be able to do the same for yourself.

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