How do you feel about your breasts? We have multifaceted relationships with our breasts, which weave into the ways we talk about motherhood and nourishment, love and sex, beauty and age.

The fatty tissue that makes up breasts – in Ayurveda it has the more evocative name meda dhatu – is very involved with lymphatic drainage, and as such very much linked with lymph nodes under our armpits. That’s a good reason to treat them kindly: antiperspirants are prone to blocking them, and underwired bras can be a problem for the same reason.

OK, those were some items for the don’t list. As for what you can do, look for deodorants made with natural ingredients. Sweating is good too, gets toxins out of your body, and a sauna afterwards or just for its own sake can be a real help. Iodine is good around lymph removal and can be found in seafood (kelp included) and spirulina as well as more everyday items like dairy products made with cow milk, and cranberries.

Breasts and the heart are in the same area, and emotions are very much associated with them. Women have been known to lactate at times of passion and grief as well as while nurturing infants. The powerful and intricate feelings we can have about our breasts are a reason to have a healthy relationship with them. Here are some thoughts on how:

  • Massage your breasts daily. Phone off, computer and tv too. As well as being good for moving lymph, it’s beneficial in dealing with fear, loneliness, and anxiety.
  • Once in a while, make a ritual of it. Light candles and incense, and an oil that suits your mood and dosha. Take time, allow whatever comes up to do so.

As you do so, pay attention to any discharges or discomfort. There may also be lumps, or yeast infection under a breast. Often they’re indicative of small changes that are worth knowing about, to reflect on and act if required. Stresses and solutions can be anything from seasonal weather changes to work pressures and resolved by anything from drinking more water to getting a GP appointment. Knowing gives you choices, and choices give you the power to change.

Yoga can also be of real benefit for the chest and breasts. In doing breathing exercises such as pranayama, messy memories and emotions can be dealt with and sometimes physical manifestations of their impact. Exercises that open up the chest can be good for similar reasons. And regular meditation will help you notice what pops up around all of this, all the better to let it go.

Until next time … Namaste!


Sunita Passi

Founder Tri-Dosha