When I was a business journalist, I got to meet CEOs and entrepreneurs who were all about creating big money. Many saw the key was increasing share prices. Which assumes what’s valuable can be measured in purely financial terms. That puts a focus on growth while reducing costs. Somewhere in that kind of thinking, whatever motivation you might have had to create a business that benefits people, place, and planet can shrivel up.

My purpose with Tri-Dosha has always been to use commerce as a vehicle for consciousness and connection. More and more entrepreneurs are thinking along these lines. A business is not its spreadsheets, useful as they are. Its vitality is in the role it plays in the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

For Tri-Dosha, some of those communities are local – clusters of people allied by Ayurveda in Wales, or Yorkshire. Others are virtual – networks of wellbeing professionals worldwide using different approaches and promoting the work we all do.

Conversations are a big part of all this. Not being beaten over the head by insincere promotional messages. We’re all tired of fake smiles and marketing wiles. What counts goes beyond products and services. How can you help people live more of the life they want, in the context of a changing world?

There are big shifts happening and many smaller businesses in and around wellbeing are closer to how life is at ground level than big corporate enterprises. Smarter big companies are picking up on how interconnected our lives are and taking that into account. Elon Musk, whatever you make of him personally, has an incredible grasp of the big picture and how to work with huge goals in mind. His Tesla electric cars reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but many drivers are equally attracted by the fact that his vehicles are significantly cheaper to run. And that’s down to the advances in batteries his companies have made – which are also useful for home power.

One vision, with many facets, all in synch. It’s something we can all play a part in. We already are. The question is whether we do it with consciousness, and what we bring to it that we’ve not manifested before.

Until next time … Namaste


Founder Tri-Dosha