Each time on my podcast episodes, I talk with people who are active in the world creating changes, whether they’re working with individuals or communities, and with methods rooted in business, old and new approaches to spirituality, or wellbeing and healing in its myriad forms. What they share is a desire to work for the good of people and planet in ways that seed change. In the course of their journeys they’ve experienced insights that make them more of the people we can all be at our best. These are conversations I love to have regardless of who else is listening.

Let’s tune in together to my latest episode, with the divine Goddess, that is Kat Chu. A fourth-generation practitioner of Chinese medicine, Kat brings a variety of modalities into her eclectic approach. In her work with victims of war, Kat goes beyond the individual to allow healing for communities robbed of futures they thought were theirs and bring those possibilities back into focus.

Looked at this way, people themselves are meridians – vitality is rooted in connection. Kat sees similar disruptions in the form of fragmented energies and blockages. One way or another, they all get in the way of us connecting with Source. And Kat Chu will stop at nothing to restore such potential. Once you’ve had an experience of powerful flow, it’s trickier to stay stuck for long.

No surprise that Kat thinks on a big scale. In 2016 we worked together with 4 other women to co-create a mass meditation for 600 people at the heart of Nottingham. People talk about it to this day, and connections were forged that day which changed lives – mine included.

For many years, Kat has had the honour of treating thousands of people with Chinese  Medicine while running a successful community clinic in the UK and working as volunteer with victims of war. The beauty of working in these environments has enabled her to go deep to bring people back from fear and trauma to a life where the can reconnect and live out their dreams and desires- living a life of flow.

Until next time


Sunita Passi

Founder Tri-Dosha