Music is magic. Sit in your garden or take a walk somewhere with trees and birdsong you will soon convince you of that elemental truth. Many of us have hang-ups about how our own voices sounds thanks – for instance – to bad experiences with school music lessons, or believing that if we don’t sound like Amy Winehouse (or Stevie Nicks, or Prince, or…) we have no business opening our mouths in public. And even though we may also know that’s nonsense, it has an impact.

Three amazing Nottingham musicians will put you in touch with your musical birthright assisted by their 432Hz choir. Between them Ursula Donnelly, Owen Campbell, and Peter Beardsworth have travelled the world using their skills as performers and vocalists, and you may well have heard music they’ve had a hand in – or a voice, for that matter.

As for the name – many believe the frequency of 432 Hz to have calming properties. That certainly chimes with traditions worldwide which use chanting and rhythm as part of the changes created for individuals and groups. It also makes a great excuse for not hitting perfect pitch. And one day maybe they’ll do a kickass cover of the REM classic Everybody Hertz. The choir is all about having a great celebratory time together, with sessions every Thursday at 7.30. The emphasis is on happy fun times, with great music and videos coming out of a communal experience. I tune in regularly, and they’re a delight, check them out here.

For Choir membership, contact: 432hzchoir@gmail.com

I may see you there!

Until next time


Sunita Passi

Founder Tri-Dosha