Find calm and peace with davidji

Tri-Dosha celebrates the work of global mind and body speaker davidji

Find calm and peace with davidji

There’s a concept that meditation master davidji talks about which will resonate with most of us who’ve been involved in spiritual practice. He uses the analogy of bees producing honey from pollen. The gathering of the pollen is activity that all the hive is involved with, and the essence of what they produce is honey.

Something similar happens in conversations, when we glean that which goes beyond the superficial and taps into something with a more fundamental truth. And it can happen in the silence of meditation. Maybe not every time. But as pollen becomes honey, so too does everyday experience become something transcendent.

davidji is noteworthy for developing the 21-day meditation process, a template for others worldwide. Much of what he learned was when he was mentored by Deepak Chopra for a decade, and was the lead educator and dean of his university. He also operates in the corporate arena, with entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies.

Where davidji is rightly known for the 21 day meditation, my own efforts are focused on the Happy Hour. 60 mindful minutes as part of the working week can make a real difference, and you can be licenced to deliver those sessions as part of the one year Meditation Instructor Tuition programme that has 13 modules and a 2 day retreat on 19th and 20th October 2019. Or sign up for next year.

Until next time … Namaste!

Sunita x
Founder, Tri-Dosha