At Tri-Dosha
We really care about what goes on your skin. We know it’s a bit of a cliché but you are what you eat - and it’s the same for the products you use.
Our view
Wisdom in skincare
Our belief is that you should benefit from all the good stuff that nature intended. That’s why our Ayurvedic therapist has cleverly crafted a range of superb skincare and bodycare products made from natural and organic ingredients of wild crafted and therapeutic herbs, and oozy and aromatic essential oils. Everything has been lovingly created to deliver real tangible results with a touch of luxury.

Our range of products brings a fresh, honest approach to looking and feeling good. You see, highly-processed, synthetic and chemically orientated skincare and bodycare can leave your delicate skin with harmful irritants. In fact no matter how good the ingredients or how expensive, these products are still chemically processed.

At Tri-Dosha, we know how to treat and love your skin. We understand that everybody’s skin is different, and with the help of Ayurveda, our approach to caring and nurturing the face and body meets your individual needs. With age-old Indian wisdom serving as the bedrock of our thinking, Tri-Dosha skincare is made to measure according to your own make up.

But that’s not all. Our belief is that the skin is constantly in flux, either from season to season or thanks to bodily and hormonal changes. This means, we continually analyse your skin and treat it according to its current condition, not overall type. To help us care for your skin effectively, we’ve put together a short analysis. Simply tick the appropriate boxes, tot up the results and discover your perfect skincare partner Rejuvenate [vata], Calm [pitta] or Balance [kapha].

We make it our business to ensure our skincare formulas are how quality, wholesome beauty should be. Thanks to an infusion of novel indigenous ingredients, farmed using traditional agricultural methods, our products smell and feel delicious. Free from added nasties and synthetics, everything we produce favours purity to deliver a beautifying experience.
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